A free contemporary photography and creative writing publication for Chicago

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    Look for our volunteers wearing LDOC shirts handing out issues at the Loyola Ave, Belmont Ave, Lake St, 69th St, and 95th St. Red Line Stops

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    Want to send one to someone who doesn’t ride the Red Line? You can purchase and view work from previous issues of LDOC.

What is this thing?

LDOC is an arts publication that features Chicago artists and writers on a bi-monthly basis. It is distributed the first and third Mondays of every month at the following Red Line stops: Howard, Belmont, Lake, 35th, and 69th.

LDOC was created out of a desire to engage the people of Chicago in an artistic, accessible way. The use of newsprint acts as an unintimidating and familiar material for Red Liners to connect with, while the work of local photographers and writers offers a few minutes away from our phones and screens.

LDOC is currently supported fully by the 2015 Crusade Engagement Grant given by Crusade for Art. It is our goal to sustain the project beyond the year-long grant with support from our readers through print and subscription sales.

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